Affiliate Marketing is exciting because there are so many possibilities. You can promote digital or physical products in your niche. You can even promote services. That opens up a lot of opportunities to earn a fantastic income as an affiliate. It also opens up the need to make some decisions.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

If you had your way to select product in affiliate marketing, you’d be able to promote anything and everything. People would be buying from your links left and right. Well, it just doesn’t work that way. It’s important to be strategic about the things you promote. You can’t and shouldn’t just promote anything and everything. You should only promote the things you know your audience will need and want, are of high quality, and suit the way you want people to view your business.

That’s right—you only want to align yourself with certain products and/or merchants. It’s not a good idea to promote something that’s of low quality just because it will potentially earn you a good commission. You might end up with a lot of refunds on your hands. More importantly, people will have a lowered perception of you and might not put much (or any) stock into your future product recommendations.

4 Tips to Select Product in Affiliate Marketing

Things are so different, so much better, when you apply a certain set of criteria to the things you choose to promote. Ask yourself:

  1. Will this product solve a problem or delight my customers?
  2. Is this product of high quality, so as to have a low refund rate?
  3. Is this product priced fairly to the customer, even considering my affiliate commission?
  4. Is this product, and the creator of the product, something and someone I’m proud to associate myself with?

In addition to those questions, you have to find the product in the first place. There are so many out there. It’s hard to know where to look.