after trying to figure out, how I got the visitors and sales, I figured out, that this was kind of an accident, because it war really hard to do the right steps up to the buy now button…
But here’s the whole story 🙂

As I joined the Beta-Testing, I decided to do everything possible, to have a regular Affiliate Business within the 6 weeks, while Sam is coaching us (I’m convinced that it’s the best chance to start – with Sam so close to a group so small as ours…):

So I started to work on the “easy things” mentioned in the Training:
Using my name as a Website and saying “Hello” to the world:
Adding a Blog section at that site: I’m planning to do a mixture of reviews and stories there (Seems kind of a good idea to me)..

One thing that kept me thinking was, that Sam mentioned, that you need to find your “angle” or the thing you can do to help others to get better…. and that’s not another Blog…
Well, I’m training Corporate Online trainers for 20+ years now and my job is to help them get there things done Online…
And in Video-Training their biggest fear is:”Everybody thinks I’m kind of a fool on video” – so getting the first 3 Videos done is one of their biggest problems (especially here in Germany, where we all are perfectionists and believe that we have to be at least as good as a TV-Spokesperson to do our own videos). And from my own experience, I know that it’s pretty much the same in Online Marketing – especially as most of us are non-native English speakers….

So I started a closed Facebook-Group for everybody, who want’s to get started with video in a safe peer-group with nice feedback and everything:

I invited a bunch of people from my other pages/groups – so it’s a 50+ people group from the start.

I had two dead old eMail Lists hanging around here, so I decided, that it’s easier to invite them to the Facebook group first and then start to promote the group in other Forums. So I did a Mail with the Direct Link to the facebook group from above:

Turned out: Didn’t work so well (but kind of worked):
List1 (~10k Mailadresses) => Mail 1: 4% Openrate/ 1% Clicked | Mail 2(Only to Non-Openers): 13% Open Rate – 1 % Clicked

List 2 (~0,7K Mailadresses) )=> 3,5% Open – 0,5% clicked

==> Got 4 People joining…. hmm….

While I was working on the Giveaway/Optin Page for new leads, Sam said, that one of the best things to promote Products is to do Reviews and show the systems. That’s difficult for us newbies, cause nobody gives us free review access before the launch…. except… well….

Except when you’re a customer already like I am with Viddyoze… So I decided to promote Viddyoze and do some review videos on Launch day. And I thought I try to be as omnipresent as possible with FP, Youtube, Mail, Web

And to be honest, nearly everything went wrong:

  • The Links in the Mailings were texts / no links
  • The Review Page was still in Editing Mode (Not Published and not visible)
  • FB didn’t accept the link to the Page
  • Youtube had nobody who watched it, (FB had about 50 people)
  • The Bonus Page was not linked to anything

So today is Round 2: Fixing everything:

  • Doing a second Mail to the People who opened the Mail with a “sorry here’s a Link and an Extrasomething”
  • Second Mail to the People who didn’t open the Mail with a new Subject Line and maybe a better text
  • Mail to the second List (forgot to click: “start mailing” yesterday)
  • Adding more text to the Review and add the Bonus-Page
  • Promote the Review-Page and not the Product Page in Facebook