Short Description

With EZ Magic Video You Create Professional Spokesperson Videos on the fly.

    1. Pick the Spokesperson of your Choice
    2. Design your Video Sales Letter with the given Sentences
    3. Choose the Camera Angle
    4. Add Background Images, Background Music and Lower Thirds
    5. Render – Download – Done

Result? Fully-customized Spokesperson Videos made from your hand-picked content…

Do I like the product? Yes.

Did I make money or generate leads with the product itself? No / Not Yet

Do I use it for my corporate customers and in my all-day work?  No / Not Yet

Supported Part in the Customer Lifecycle:

Business Process

It supports traffic generation through user engagement in Social Media and might help with lead conversion (OTO1) in the Business Process.

Business Purpose

It’s for the Marketing and Trust Building Part of your Marketing and Sales Funnel.

To do a Video Sales Letter together with a professional spokesperson, you have to do the

  • Video Sales Letter as a Script
  • Find a Professional Spokesperson
  • Explain them your Salesletter
  • Pay them per Minute of Video

And often you’re surprized by the results – they are not the way you wanted them.

With EZ Magic Video your Videos get the professional touch of real Spokespersons – and this gives you more authority. Your Audience will trust you because your Video stands out.

The Videos can be used for various Local Marketing and Online Marketing Topics. It’s extremely user-friendly, easy to use and straightforward.


The Downside

As with every Template Based Tool, that is used by many Creators, you’re not getting unique results.  The good thing is if you’re really thinking about creative combinations of the Sentences over the different categories – Your results get quite unique.  And many Video Sales Letters use similar (successful) sentences anyway.

Creating the Spokesperson Video Sentence by Sentence sometimes sounds a bit unnatural – so it might be helpful to test your Video and redesign the parts you don’t like.

Short Walkthrough

Enough said. Now’s the time to show you how it works.

Here is an Overview and walkthrough. The Result is the Video from above.

Hope you like it:

Product Information

And here’s some more Info on the Product itself:


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