Create Video Animations

In Just A Few Clicks, With The World’s Most Popular 3D Video Animation Platform

Viddyoze is a SaaS Plattform to create template-based Videos Animations for Backgrounds, Alpha Channels, Intros and Outros, Logo-Animations and even Real Life Videos with your Logos/Texts included. And it only takes a few minutes. It’s just those few steps:

  1. Select the Template you Like the most
  2. Add your Images, Texts and choose the color you want
  3. Check your Selection in the Preview
  4. Render
  5. Share or download

Do I like the product? Yes.

Did I make money with the product itself? No / Not Yet

Do I use it for my corporate customers and in my all-day work? Yes

What’s the main purpose of Viddyoze?

With Viddyoze you can give your own Videos a more professional look.

The Intros and Outros are great to start or end your own Videos.

With Life-Animation, a real-video sequence where you can add your own pictures and Alpha Channel Videos to overlay existing Videos/Pics you get fantastic Short trailers or Intros or Marketing Videos. The great looking lower third videos, where you can add your own text are another way to add a more professional look.

With Logo-Animations you can do cool Logo or Event-Presentations for your Products or your customers.

What Part in the Business Process does it support?

It’s nothing for a certain step in traditional Online-Marketing Businesses, but it could be part of every single step. If you use Video, you get a tool to do these videos easy and professional looking.

In a client-based Business Scenarios (Working for Clients): Viddyoze is a tool to offer cool looking Animations and Videos in now time for a good price (As I always tell my Consulting Clients: The Cheapest Way to produce Online Content is to start with ready-made templates and customize them).

What’s the downside?

Well, as with every Template Based Tool, you’re not doing unique results. There might be some clients that have seen the video you’re presenting them. The best way to cope with that is to play fair and open: Show them some the templates first and let them choose, what they would like…

And – for client-based settings – it might be helpful to use the template-club templates, although this is a monthly extra fee.

For your own business – you could live with the risk, that somebody says: I’ve seen that before.

The Review

I’m working with the previous version for over a year now and it was pretty often an eye-catching extra. I used it in my training videos and in my smaller marketing videos or product presentations and they really worked well.

So I really like the Update. If you’re searching for a fast and easy way to do your own Video-Animations without a Video Producer or designer – your might take a look at it.

Here’s a short Overview and walkthrough. Hope you like it:

More Info on the Product is here:

More about Viddyoze